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Dark and Light Gameplay Trailer

Whether you’ve noticed or not, we’re living in a sandbox era, always searching for ways to allow players to get more out of a game and create new experiences. One genre that’s finally worming its way into the sandbox scene is the beloved fantasy style that many of us dream of applying to different game categories. We had Minecraft that broke the mold, yet wasn’t high fantasy, and then there’s Reign of Kings which is close, but still a little silly on the surface. Now, from Snail USA, Dark and Light has emerged with a whole new set of mechanics combined to create a unique experience it can claim for its own. Spellcasting, hunting, crafting and battling, this upcoming sandbox RPG boasts a constantly changing world to drop players into, providing for them while threatening their survival all at once. Create your own character, jump into a living, breathing fantasy world that reacts to their choices. Every player and NPC will influence the flow and growth of this game world, and players aren’t the only ones who evolve and adapt as time goes on. NPC’s also have their own growth system as well, dictating their role in the world. Assigning stat points at level up will conduct the play style of the player, and making a choice in how you progress allows you to forge your own path. There’s a wealth of roles that players can fill, from warriors, to mages and even architects.

After an event that left the planet in shambles and en ever-decaying state, you’ll essentially be finding your own way to survive the encroaching darkness that follows. What you do with your remaining time on this planet is up to you, but know that your actions will have consequences however severe. Dark and Light is a fight for survival in a dying world, an interesting twist that puts pressure on those who exist within its ecosystem. Hunting, fighting or being a working member of society, players will find their own place within this bustling open virtual world. For more details, the website can be found here. News and updates about the development state of the project can be found on the game’s Twitter. An early access release of the game is planned for 2017 on Steam.

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