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The Signal From Tolva – Combat Gameplay Exhibition

If you’re not already familiar with The Signal From Tolva, Big Robot Games, the studio behind Sir, You Are Being Hunted, is developing a first-person single player exploration game putting players in the role of a robot looking for the signal from Tolva. In your adventure, you’ll be exploring alien ruins and fighting other factions of robots in an attempt to reach the signal. In this update, Big Robot shows off a very intricate system of scripts that gives life to a wide variety of opportunities in combat. Most notably, the AI of the allied and enemy robots in combat. Should the player engage in combat, allies will notice the fighting and come to the player’s aid. Tagging an enemy with a shot may also prompt allied robots to attack and destroy that specific target.


While exploring the planet, the player may recruit allied robots using the command module, a device that can alter the progression of in-game missions. Allies actually run their own missions and patrols, and scanning them with the command module allows the player to read what their current objective is, and decide whether or not to interrupt and have them aid the player instead. The AI quest system implemented here greatly serves the open world portrayed in The Signal From Tolva. The player is dropped in a living-breathing alien world full of dynamic events, and the depth given to the AI is marvelous to watch in action.


In addition to squad commands, there is an array of area effect devices that give the player and allies an edge in battle. Sensor jammers and shields may be crucial to surviving an encounter with enemy factions. Taking down a few bogeys may be a slight challenge, but that sensor jammer can save your life should enemy patrols move in on your position upon hearing the commotion. That small 3v3 tussle could turn into a hopeless situation, leaving you outnumbered and struggling to quickly employ new tactics to change the tide of battle, or simply flee. Between the dynamic events and wealth of combat augments and weapons, battles and skirmishes will always be a unique experience. Big Robot has displayed an intriguing system, and a well-designed game world to drop it in. The Signal From Tolva is shaping up to be an exciting exploration IP, and the development can be tracked through the developer’s Twitter.

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