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Dreamwalker – Pre-Alpha Gameplay Teaser – Surfacing Buried Memories in VR

More than a handful of years ago, Chilean developer David Fenner had a concept for a game that would allow players to dive into the memories of his characters in order to help them to better cope with the waking world. Now with the project in a more stable development period, Dreamwalker is well on its way to seeing a publication. In this first-person VR experience, players will find themselves utilizing an advanced brain scanning technology that allows them to take point in the memories of their patients. This device allows for a more vivid recollection of buried memories, and in these strange and potentially macabre sequences, they will explore the minds of the characters, solve puzzles and help guide them to be confident and equipped enough to lead their own lives. Essentially, you’re playing psychiatrist, but with a more Ghost in the Shell method (via brain diving).

Not a whole lot of content has been shared, as the development life of this IP has been a bit rocky, as is the case for many indie game projects. Since the original concept in 2009, the game had been a University project that turned into an ambition. Without sufficient funding, this personal project slowly grew over the years into what it is today. There is a pre-alpha trailer displaying stunning visuals running on the Unity 3D engine, and with a small and talented crew, the project is moving forward yet with no solid release date. The target platforms will be PC and VR devices, yet the developer is keeping options open to other publishing licenses, meaning Dreamwalker could see releases on other consoles/ports.

Check out the game’s website for more information on the project.

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