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Moonlighter – Gameplay Footage in Pre-Alpha Teaser

First gameplay footage of Moonlighter, a top-down action adventure game developed by Digital Sun Games, about being a shopkeeper who wants to be a hero, as such he maintains his shop and fills it with goods by going into dungeons and raiding them, looting what drops and selling them in his shop.

In this footage we get to see the game’s beautiful pixel art style and a nice soundtrack compelled with satisfying sound effects, some exploration outside in your village and the inside of dungeons, showcasing some UI interactions and the game’s combat, and lastly a look at how your shop is being visited by costumers although the way you interact with them is yet to be seen.

It’s a good trailer showing us a general look at what the game has to offer, both in a visual and sound standpoint and in gameplay. We hope to see more as the game continues to get developed and advance past its pre-alpha state.

Check out the game’s TIGForums page for more information.

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