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Jalopy – Gameplay Footage in Walkthrough

We’re taking a good look at Jalopy, a first person adventure game developed by Minskworks about simulating your car and maintaining it. A walkthrough uploaded by Etalyx where he plays the game and explain the game with extreme detail.

It looks extremely early with how pretty dry the visuals are and how some of the controls feel rough, but aside from those hiccups the idea/concept of the game has been executed relatively good, at least in such a way that it seems fun to play even though on paper it might seem uninteresting.

A lot of people enjoy the Euro and American Truck Simulator and this one seems like a more simpler in the case of driving the vehicle, but that complexion went to the car’s management and maintenance. It seems like it’s going to be a fun and relaxing yet probably worrying game, only after many visual, control and level designs have been improved. To which we’d hope to see later down the line in its development stage.

Check out the game’s store page for more information.

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