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Astroneer – Gameplay Footage From GDC 2016

Thirty minutes of unedited gameplay footage of Astroneer, a third person sci-fi open world sandbox survival game developed by System Era Softworks, has been uploaded by Giant Bomb as they we’re getting hands-on with the game over at GDC 2016.

Because of this length footage we get a lot better understanding of what the game is and how it works, instead of just fantasizing and hyping up the game with our imagination and while that is pleasant, it’s a negative effect for a gamer and the game.

This does not mean that the game turned out to be bad but in fact the opposite from the looks of it. The gameplay seems to be fun, relaxing and objective oriented with how sandbox games goes as you’ll explore the planet you’re on with its different biomes, gather resources from it to craft the tools that you need to continue advancing in your craft, and then finally when you had your fill of the planet and gathered what you needed and constructed your ship, you fly off to another planet be it easier or harder.

While all of that seems fun and interesting, especially the extremely impressive UI that’s integrated with the game world and how you interact with it, one thing hasn’t been made clear is that if there’s an end goal in mind. The video made clear of what the basic nature of the game is with its gameplay loop, but we’d imagine that our and many gamers are hungry for something outside of that loop. Hopefully there is one or at least one is being worked on, and if we’r lucky we’d get to see it. Also, no life-form has been spotted in any footage aside from yourself, so that’s another thing to wonder about.

Check out the game’s website for more information.

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